Nineteen years ago on 26 June, I was in the Antelope Valley Hospital and Medical Center in Lancaster, California giving birth to my first child.  The labor was long and pretty intense from my perspective, but then it was only my first one and I was told after wards that is was relatively short for a first time delivery.  Courtney Anne was born after 8 hours of labor and she was adorable!

Courtney at 2 weeks!

Now at 19, she  has grown into a lovely young woman whose heart has been touched  by Jesus and changed from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh.  A heart that longs to love and follow Jesus.

Courtney has been such a sweet child to raise – at least most of the time and here are some of my favorite pictures of the past 19 years!

9 Months old and strutting her Stuff!

Courtney has always loved spending time with her Daddy!

and Still loves to spend time with her Dad!

She does not like the Cold!

She has had many interests over the years – here is a taste of a few of them;

Irish Dancing - is really much more fun when you do it with a good friend!

She played softball for several summers - the last one her team finished 2nd in the tournament!

Horses have been a long time love and getting to take riding lessons was a dream come true for her!

Her trip to France was a dream trip for her - she can't wait to go back!

My little French Girl!

Courtney has grown into a lovely young women who is loving and living life to the full.  One of the things that I have prayed for her is that she would surround her self with people who are like-minded and would encourage her in her faith( I Thessalonians 5:11).  God has been faithful to answer that  prayer and she has a wonderful group of friends that are all going hard after the LORD.   She also has an accountability group that meets regularly to study the Word and pray for one another

The girls love spending time together!

Celebrating 19 years with friends!

Happy Birthday Courtney  – I love you and pray that as you continue to walk the path that has already been laid out for you before the beginning of time, that you will fall more and more in love with your Savior.