Nebraska is beautiful this time of year with everything blooming.  Giovanna got to experience some new things while there.  Things like learning where cherries come from;

The Cherry Tree

Mom has a small  cherry tree in the back yard and it was loaded with Cherries.  Giovanna learned that the cherries we purchase from the store grow and trees and she got to pick some for Grandma to cook down into juice, which she will use to  make cherry jam later.

Giovanna worked hard to pick cherries for grandma!

She also got to practice her photography skills as she took some pictures of Grandpa;

Mom, Dad and I posed for Giovanna's picture!

She also practiced her modeling skills with Grandpa!

Her smile lights up the room!

The lilies  and buttercups were blooming –

Even though it was extremely muggy, there was much beauty to be seen.  There was much that was going on and much to process during the few days that we were there!  God was good and it was good to see how well my mother is progressing after her fall and surgery.  My dad is still having some issues and his memory and reasoning are no longer in tack.  There are some substantial gaps.  Continue to pray for him.