This week brings another road trip to Nebraska.  Mom has been steadily improving and  has her 6 week post op appointment this week.  She has not been released to drive, so I will be her driver to the appointment.  Since my dad has long-term insurance to help with the cost of the facility that he is in, he needs to be evaluated to make sure that he qualifies for the long-term care!  This should also take place this week.  It will be a full week with both appointments and then making sure that mom’s freezer is stocked with food for the next month or so.

With all that has been going on in my life since mid April, it would be very easy to let my emotions dictate my actions and attitudes. I know that if I do such a thing, the outcome would be totally unbecoming to one who calls herself a follower of Christ and not glorifying to my Lord.  So as I have pondered this trip, I have been trying to soak my self in the word through music and reading.  Lately I have been  listening to Fernando Ortega’s album, The Shadow of your Wings; Hymns and Sacred Songs.  It has been refreshing to my soul as most of the songs are directly out of Scripture.  The song, Let the words of my Mouth has been very encouraging to me and I have been praying that God will help me to put these words into practice this week in Nebraska.  The words to this song are;

Let the words of my mouth
Be pleasing to You, pleasing to You
The meditation of my heart
Be pleasing to you, pleasing to You
Oh Lord, my strength
And my Redeemer

Whatever is true
Whatever is pure
Whatever is lovely
Whatever is worthy
Think on these things
Think on these things

Let the words of my mouth
Be pleasing to You
Pleasing to You

This video has also been feeding my soul and I am not sure why the pictures are so captivating to me except that there are several depicting storms with people clinging to the cross – which is right where I am at these days.

My prayers for this week in Nebraska are that I will see Christ as beautiful in all that I do and all the events of the week; that my soul will continue to sing as a result; that the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to the Lord and as they please the Lord will minister to those I am around.  I want to remember the words that Pastor Kenny spoke on Sunday – “Believing in Christ is the result of having been born again and we who have been born again love our Father who has given us birth and therefore we love the fellow children of the father.  As those who love God and having been born again, we obey his commandments.”  I am trying to see my time down in Nebraska as worship to God rather than focus on the hard times that could come my way.

Please pray with me that I will look for the beauty  that God provides around me and relate to my  parents and others in a way that will draw them to the Father.