Garrett and I spent two hours at a Big Blue Store with a yellow sign.  Any guesses as to where we were for 2 hours?

No it was not Best Buy!


Garrett and I had a 6 page list put together by some friends who are living abroad and wanted input on different items that they were interested in.  So we went off to “shop” for them – at least give them input and answer their questions.

We spent 2 plus hours in the store looking at tables, beds, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.  It was great to be able to serve our friends in this tangible way.

Once we were done, we actually grabbed a soda and then did some planning and dreaming for our house.  We have some ideas and now to plan the projects and sell some of our stuff to make way for the new!  Garrett has a really good eye for the atheistic and functionality.  What fun to spend this time with him.  He is so excited about some of our plans!  Now he can design some of the pieces exactly for our space!

I am thankful for the gifts and talents that he has!