Before leaving for Nebraska, one of the things that I needed to do was buy new running shoes for Caleb.  His old ones were pinching his feet.  I know he was trying to make them last through the marathon, but if your feet are hurting, you just can’t run your best.  So we headed to Runner’s Gate.  This is my favorite running store.  The man who owns the store is very knowledgeable and watches and listens to you run in each and every pair of shoes that you try on!  His insight is amazing and he always gets you in the right shoes that feel great!  You need to check out this store!

Caleb is fairly sensitive on many levels and finding a shoe that didn’t pinch his toes or hit his toe without him feeling it was a bit of a challenge.  He tried on at least     10 pairs of shoes before narrowing the field down to two.  He finally ran a couple of laps with one of each of the shoes on.  He made his choice and I think he is happy with it.

I on the other hand did not intend to buy new shoes, just figure out a way to extend the life of my current shoes.  They only had about 200 or so miles on them and should be able to get at least 300!  However since I was having more knee pain with each run and after he looked at the tread, his comment on my shoes, “They are shot.  Your legs will appreciate new shoes.”

So as Caleb was trying on his shoes, I began the process of finding new shoes.  I don’t think I have ever bought the same shoe two times in a row.  As Phil watched me run around the store, I think I have been interesting to watch as my running stride is different from most runners.  I hit with the ball of the foot rather than heel to toe like most runners!  After he watched me run, he looked  the bottom of my shoes and said, “You are an efficient runner.”

I finally settled on a pair of shoes, but not before asking if it came in a different color.  The pair I was leaning towards had florescent pink accents!  This is definitely not my color!   However Giovanna noticed them immediately!

My very Bright Running shoes!

At least these should be easy to spot on the course!  Phil did try to talk me into bight pink socks to match them for race day – I did not buy them.

However they did feel great when I run and I no longer have a knee issue!