On Monday evening as I was driving to Nebraska, the sunset was absolutely gorgeous.  There was a wall of cloud that seemed to star at the horizon in the west and continue up for what seemed like forever.  As I looked at this very deep mountain cloud, I was reminded of my friend who on Sunday put his arm around me and said, “I pray for you every day.”  Do you know how encouraging that was to me.  I knew I was facing a mountain as I traveled to Nebraska and I felt like it was scalable because he was praying for me.

As I continued to look at this mountain cloud, it was a deep blue, but at the very top was a feathery wispy part and it was sliver in color – the sun was setting behind the cloud and it almost seemed as if the sun was back lighting the cloud.  It was a beautiful sight.  I took a picture of the sunset as I was waiting for the state trooper to finish writing up a warning ticket for speeding (it was in a new construction zone)

As I was waiting, I was thinking about the book I had brought  along for my dad and  because I was waiting and looking at this wonderful sunset, it was as if the combination of the two was giving me a statement from the Lord – Enjoy the trip and the beauty that I will provide and wait for My timing.

On Tuesday as I was waiting for mom as she had therapy and her bath before we could go.  I went out and took pictures of the flowers.  Most of the Irises were in bloom and were just beautiful. Spring is a wonderful time of year to be out and appreciate the beauty that God has given us.

The care conference at Tabitha went well.  Marci is the Restorative Therapist (She has a different title, but she said this is the one most people understand),  She is a great woman.  She was responsible for getting the Merry Walker into Dad’s room.  My brother and I helped her adjust it and it will be a great devise for dad to walk in.  When she introduced herself to dad, she said, “I’m the drill sergeant.  I am the person you love to hate.”  When I heard that, my heart was so delighted, since dad always referred to me as his drill sergeant!  Later in the conference, I was asking Marci some questions about dad skills and whether he was still doing them.  She said no and then looked at dad and had the following conversation;

“Henry, can you dress yourself?”


“Can you put your shoes and socks on?”


“Can you get your pants and underwear on?”


“How about your shirt and undershirt?”

“Well I am not so sure about the undershirt, but I think I can get my shirt on.

“So tomorrow morning when I come in, you can show me how I dress yourself?”


Everyone in the room cracks up as Marci says, “At least you are honest!”

Dad continues with, “I let others do things for me because it takes me so long to do things.  It is much faster when others do it.”

Marci gets down and looks dad in the eyes and says, “That’s a cop-out.  You need to do these things yourself.”  She didn’t back down from her stand.  At this point, I knew that Dad was in the right place – at least for now.

Driving home as the sun was setting, I marveled at the stunning beauty of it.  The rich colors and the swirly cloud like formations.  It was breath-taking!

As I was driving, I was listening to “Indescribable” sung by Chris Tomlin and was reminded that when one soars with God, life is amazingly beautiful in every possible way.  God knew exactly what I needed to hear and see during this short time in Nebraska and he orchestrated all the details, including stunning and breath-taking sunsets to communicate His love for me on this journey.  There were so many evidences of God’s grace and mercy to me in just a little over 36 hours – from someone volunteering to bring a meal for my family, to protection as I drove, to Marci being my dad’s therapist, I am overwhelmed.

Probably the biggest evidence of Grace for me was when my dad asked about coming home, my brother stepped up and explained in a very loving way that mom was no longer able to care for him.  He could go home, but for short amounts of time and only when it worked with his schedule – probably no overnights.  I have generally been the one to have to tell him the hard things, but not this time.  It was amazing to listen to my brother tell him this in a kind and loving way.