Three weeks from today is the Minneapolis Marathon.  This should prove to be an interesting race since the past 6 weeks have been everything but normal for me.  First I got a stress fracture which put running on hold for 3-4 weeks.  Just as I was beginning to run again, my mom fell and broker her hip which started a 3 week stay in Nebraska and little to no running as I took care of my dad.

This weekend was my “peak” training run – the last of the really long runs.  It was a 20 mile run, which I managed to complete  – in two parts.  The temps were much warmer than I like to run in and that alone took its toll.  However I was still able to go out and run 10 miles with very little effort.  Ten miles is generally an “easy” run for me and these two were just a bit of an effort, but still I was able to run 10.5 minute miles – which puts me on a 4:30 Marathon!

I am looking forward to the next 3 weeks of training.  I need to be consistent in my runs and build up my fitness base.  My goal for this marathon is to finish in under 5 hours – which should be relatively easy given how I have trained so far.  I will run with the 4:30 pace group and see how long I can stay with them.  I should be able to run somewhere between 4:30 and 4:45 if – the weather conditions are conducive to running (i.e. low temps, low humidity); I reach my peak on race day and I don’t cramp!

So here the countdown to race day begins.  Caleb is doing well with his training and he should finish around 4 hours.  It should be a great race for both of us!