Life changed in some dramatic ways for me when my mother fell and broke her hip on 19 April.  I have had almost a week with my mom alone and she has been  very talkative.  She is sharing a lot of the struggles that she has experienced over the past year in taking care of my dad.  There was much that I was unaware of.  I think that God was merciful in protecting me from some of the things going on.  Now my mom is healing  – physically from her fall; emotionally from all that has transpired over the past year and I pray that she will also heal spiritually.
This is mother’s day weekend and as I was outside  praying, I saw the rose bushes that we had given her almost 12 years ago.  They are still blooming!
Still blooming after 12 years!

One of mom's favorite colors

This last one is a good picture of my life at the  moment.  There are many good things happening, but there are some hard things as well.  Life has been difficult over these past 2.5 weeks and the emotional roller coaster has been taking me to all kinds of places.  I see new growth in my mom and I see death on the horizon for my dad.  My emotions are all over, up and down and at times I am not sure what I am feeling.
Looking at all the flowers blooming in my parents yard reminds me of how much my dad has always loved spring.  He loved getting his hands in the dirt and nurturing new growth in his garden.  Now I pray that there will be a new work in his heart.  I am hopeful after hearing of more of his discussion with a friend.   As I look at some of my dad’s favorite plants – I am encouraged and hopeful that God is at work doing heart surgery in my dad.
Here is a look at some of my dad’s favorite plants.
Dad’s favorite plant!
Dad couldn’t wait for this one to bloom this year.  It is in full bloom and beautiful.  It is also huge!  I am taking in some pictures for him today.

Dad planted these for me - he knew this was my favorite flower!

Continuing to pray for new growth in my dad’s heart.