“God made me fast and when I run I feel God’s pleasure.”  Those were the words Eric Liddell used to describe his God-given running ability.  As a runner, I understand those words.

When everything comes together on a run – when I hit my stride and running feels effortless,  it feels like I am soaring.  Running, at least for me, is not so much about being competitive and winning races, but about spending time with my best friend, to feel his pleasure and to be with Him.

Today was the first time I had been out for a long run since getting a stress fracture.  The temps were ideal – in the  60’s and the sun was shiny brightly in the sky.  The only draw back to today’s run – the wind, extremely gusty and consistent.  However I really wanted to go running this morning – the stressors of the past couple weeks needed to be released in a positive way!

So this morning after Giovanna was picked up for her birthday party, Courtney went off to work, Caleb off for his 18 mile run and the rest sleeping, with MP3 player in my pocket, off I went for my 10 mile run.  I hit my stride early and the first 5 miles I had the wind at my back – it felt like soaring, especially down hill!  The 5 miles back were not as much fun.  The wind in my face kept the hair out of my eyes, but those big hills at 8% grade were extremely challenging.

Ten miles felt good, my foot was not hurting and I actually felt like I could have done more, but stopped before anything started to hurt!  The time that it took to run 10 miles was not great – but at least I was out there running and meeting with my friend.

While I was running up those hills with the wind at my back, it felt like the hands of God were on my back giving me speed down those hills, that were feeling like mountains today.  I realized as I ran, that God is there in those easy times – just giving me a hand to let me know that he is there.  But as I hit those same hills with the wind in my face, the truth hit me that God is walking alongside me in these challenging days with my dad here.  He has been kind enough to give me a break in the 24/7 care of my dad by being here with my family.  My dad is adjusting to the new place, new routine pretty well.  He seems happier.  His personality is coming back.  It is good to see my family loving him as well and happy that he is here.

There are challenges adding a senior adult with ongoing medical issues to the family structure.  But there have been some good changes – we are cutting back on outside activities.  We are slowing down the pace of life.  We are enjoying relationships between the generations!  At times it feels like he has always been a part of living life here.

I am so thankful for my inspiring run this morning.  I am thankful for feeling the pleasure of God as I ran.