Mom went into surgery yesterday around 9 AM.  I am not sure how long the surgery was but she was out of surgery, recovery and in her room by 1 PM.  My brother said she was doing well and talkative.   She has a new ball and socket.  They originally thought they might be able to repair the bone, but once they were in they knew she would need to have a replacement!

I arrived at the hospital around 5:45.  Mom was just finishing her supper of jello, juice and broth!  She was in good spirits and very talkative.  She could remember the fall and was telling me about it.  She said she was going to fill the water pitcher and was going around the wheel chair.  Her words to describe the fall – “I must have cut the corner a bit too close and down I went.  I fell on my cell phone and heard a pop.  I guess that was the pop must have been the cell phone breaking.”

“No mom, that was your hip breaking.”

“I had just washed my hair before I fell.  I hope it looks ok.  I wasn’t able to fix it like I would have liked to.”

Goodness, I can’t believe she is thinking about her hair.  At least she is not in much pain!

“You might receive a phone call from J.  She will be asking about an order for Kolaches.  The information is by the phone in the kitchen.”

I would not be thinking about those kinds of things if I had just come out of surgery, but her mind is working well.  I am very thankful.

She will be in St. E’s for 3 days and then will be moving into a rehab facility.  Continue to pray for her recovery.