My oldest son has a photo – journal project for his art history class.  He is to photograph and discuss some of the different styles of architecture in the Twin Cities.  He has been looking forward to this project all semester!  On a rather cold and windy day, we started off and made it to 5 of the 10 sites on his list.  Here are some of the pictures from today ( we both took pictures);

The Museum of Russian Art - Spanish Style architecture

Window are at the Museum of Russian Art

Stop Number 2 was Garrett’s favorite stop, at least for today.  This was the chapel at the Lakewood Cemetery:

The Chapel

Window view!

Stop Number 3 – The American Swedish Institute;

Looking through the Window!

This one is for the horse lover in the family!

The last stop was probably the one I enjoyed the most – I just was amazed by the onion domes and reminded once again to pray for the lost in this area of the world.  I was also reminded of people who I know who are working hard among the people in this part of the world and how hard it can sometimes be.  The relationships with these folks is sweet and I long to see them again.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Images from inside the church

We will be looking at more of the unique architecture in the weeks to come.  We are also going back to some places – once the trees have more leaves/flowers on them.  Makes for more interesting pictures.