After avoiding disaster on Tuesday I was not able to run most of the week.  My quads were very sore and the hip pain was pretty intense for a couple of days.  Tylenol and heat helped.  However, running was not an option.  So this morning, I got up somewhat early, looked up the weather forecast and temps for the day, shuttered and prayed for the rain to hold off until after my run, put on  my shoes and out the door I went.

The first couple miles went by relatively smoothly.  Somewhere between miles 2-3 , my left leg began to act up – it never really totally gave out, but I did stumble.  After that small incident, the leg held until mile 8 or so.  Then it cramped up and got tight to the point that to continue running could have been dangerous.  I was to run 15 miles and got in 9.

Need to figure out what is going on and if I can continue to train for the marathon.  I might need to wait for another race which would be very disappointing for me since I was planning on running with my son.

Time will tell!