During this season, Easter lilies are just about everywhere!  There are the traditional White ones that I grew  up with at Easter time.  The more contemporary Asiatic lilies in mauve, poppy and yellow.  Calla Lilies that I grew to love while living in California and probably many more that I haven’t begun to enjoy!

The “traditional” White Easter Lily brings a flood of memories for me this year.  As I went to purchase my lilies for Easter – no longer the traditional white, I decided I would just buy cut flowers instead of the plants that I have transplanted into my garden after Easter.  I also saw the Iris bunches and grabbed some of them as well.  I put them together in a vase to make a very fragrant bouquet

I still remember as a little girl going with my dad to purchase an Easter Lily for my mom every year.  We would go to the floral store in town and dad would always give me the money to pay for the flowers and card.  Then my brother and I would sign the card and give mom her flowers on Easter Sunday – sometimes earlier is some little girl was impatient!   I remember the first time my dad let me go all by myself to purchase the Easter Lilies, I felt so grown up.   It was something that I looked forward to it and have continued to purchase lilies at Easter time for my own home.  I have now branched out to the Asiatic Lilies which have more color.  At this time of year, I need the color after a long Minnesota winter.

But this year was different.  I didn’t even look at the potted plants.  I was not interested in them at all.  This year as I went to  purchase my lilies, I went right to the cut flower.  This is so different as I love to put the plant into my garden after Easter and tend and nurture it for at least a couple years.  But I didn’t even give it a second thought as I was buying the cut flower and attempting to arrange them in the vase.

Easter Bouquet

As I have reflected on this over the past week, I haven’t been able to really determine why the change for this year.  Maybe it is because of watching my dad draw closer to the end of his life.  Maybe it is because I understand at a deeper level what it cost to have Jesus pay for my sin.  Maybe. . . .

I will just enjoy my flowers and pray for my dad to understand the glories of Easter with new eyes this year.