I was not going to write about the current Health Care reform.  This topic has raised many  interesting discussions between family, friends and co-workers.  This is a topic that is massive and doesn’t have one clean, clear-cut answer because there are many issues contributing to the overall decline of American health care – at least as we know it.  While I have watched this play out, for me my reaction is not about the bill in and of itself, but also about the process.  The process that our founding fathers put into place did not work this time.  There was never really any true discussion about what should be done, if anything, what might be the best way to implement health care changes and reform, etc.  This time it was truly about getting a bill in place regardless of whether it would be a good law or not.  This was party politics and pressure at its best or should I say its worst.

While there are some very important issues that need to be addressed, for many it really came down to one issue –  and that  is the role of the US Government in paying for abortions.  For many the health care reform is a bad option because they see it as putting tax dollars on the table and paying for abortions.  There is a very good interview with a judge that explains how the current system works and how the law changes that and why the executive order that the President just signed is basically worthless in keeping the status quo.  Here is the video:

Stupak had been staunchly pro life until Sunday night.  He did not get anything in return for his vote with the signing of the Executive order, but he did sell out his beliefs by voting for the Health Care Reform.  I think he is naive to think that the voters in his district won’t remember this one.  What is so hard to understand is why did this man who so fiercely protected the rights of the unborn and held out for so long on this bill finally caved in and voted for this while getting nothing in return.  We may never really know that answer, but it comes across as purely party politics.  Party Politics is not new but this is the first time that we got to watch it on the main stream media.  It is a very sad thing to watch a man be hammered to the point where he will give up his long-held convictions for something that he does not support.

But what is even more disturbing to me is the “one size fits all” policy making that the government is trying to push us all into.  From the rhetoric that I have heard, the big push behind health care reform was to cover those that can’t get insurance or are uninsured for whatever reason.  If that was really their goal and intent to provide coverage to this group of people, then they could have just worked on providing good coverage for that segment without getting into health care for everyone.  Those with insurance, while the system needs some major changes, are already provided for and changes to that system could wait.  Those who are uninsured need help now.  If they had stayed true to their rhetoric – providing insurance to those without – this might not have become such a protracted process and better discussions could have happened which ultimately would lead to better coverage for those who need it.    I have no problem with the Government trying to help those who truly need it.  I am not one of those and do not appreciate the government putting their hands into places where their help is not wanted.

Ultimately this health care reform will mean I will lose more and more of the decision-making to the government.  I have a special needs daughter and have already had some issues with my insurance and finding the right type of care for her.  We have paid more for some of the care she has received.  But we have been blessed to have medical care at the Shrine Hospital.  The type of surgeries she has received there would rarely be done in a for-profit hospital because they are time-consuming, require a great deal of skill and are a fix for the long-term interest of the patient, unlike the previous hospital where it was go into surgery every nine months, break a bone, set it straight and wait to see if it stuck.  If not – then go in and do it again.  This is not a good long-term solution and did not work.  We now have had 2 surgeries that, Lord willing, will be a long-term correction.

I am reminded of the quote from Thomas Jefferson, ” A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.”  Let this be a wake up call that the best fix does not always come from the government.  I don’t think the one size fits all policy is the right one – in this case.  The law makers need to be willing to work hard to hammer out the best fit – which sometimes means not getting involved at all, sometimes only doing a part of it and sometimes a combination.

May the Lord give wisdom to those involved in making laws and those of us electing them into office.  I am still praying for this whole health care reform issue – there are many issues to resolve.