We have had T-Mobile as our cell phone provider for about 4 years – but that will change come August and this is why.

While the service here in the twin cities has been fairly good, there are two places that I have never gotten service while under their plan – Pearlington, MS and Wilber, NE.

I have been to Pearlington multiple times and there is no service there.  I can drive to Slidell, which is about 10 miles away and get service.  This works in most cases, but there are times when others need to contact us to give us information (like when the dog bolted from the dog sitter) and couldn’t get through due to a lack of service.  There is even a T-Mobile office in Slidell and they can’t tell me why I am not getting service.  So I put up with this lack of service.

My parents live in Wilber Nebraska and I don’t get service there either.  Sometimes I can drive about 10-15 miles to another city and get service.  Otherwise I have to make the 40 minute drive to Lincoln and make my calls from there.  This has been inconvenient, but somewhat tolerable – at least until this past fall.

My dad’s diagnosis was changed and he now is in his last stages of life.  It is no longer an option to drive out-of-town to make phone calls back to my family.  If something changes and he is in a life threatening situation or he dies, there is no way I can drive  out of the city just to get phone service to make calls.  We have explained the situation to various levels of people at T-Mobile and there was one gentleman who truly did understand the circumstances and worked very hard to get us out of the contract without having to pay big bucks, but the most he could get us was 3-5 months and then we would have to reinstate the contract or still be changed.  I am thankful for this man taking so much time to help us figure out a solution but in the end there is none because this company values the almighty dollar rather than seeing that their customers get the service they need – even if it means losing a customer.

Which leads us to putting up with an unacceptable situation for the short-term and canceling our contract with them as soon as we can (August) and never coming back to them.  It also means that we will try to tell others to be extremely careful and make sure they really know what they will or will not get with regards to service from this company.

My advice – avoid them all together.