Today was excellent day – the temps were in the mid 50’s.  The sun was shining and I was able to run in a tank top and my running skirt!  The sun’s rays are direct enough to warm things up enough to melt the snow, but not so direct that I would get a sunburn!  I love soaking up all that Vitamin D from being outside in the sunshine!

Since all the trails are clear and absolutely no PUDDLES any where – it was a great run!  However I did manage to to drop my MP3 player – well actually it jumped out of my skirt pocket and hit the asphalt.  It still works and very few scratches!  So I am thankful.

I ran the first 6.5 miles in my regular running shoes and the last mile barefoot style in my five fingers.  I did the hills that are marked with signs as having an 8% grade!  Those hills are tough, but are great for building endurance and working all of the quad muscles!  It was amazing at how different the run felt in summer clothes – the miles just flew by!

The last barefoot mile was a bit more challenging – primarily because I didn’t get the shoe on properly and ran almost a quarter mile before I figured it out.  Once that was fixed – it felt really good.  I am going to try a 3 mile run tomorrow in the five fingers!

The run today made me feel like after all the time I have put in that my body is finally working together.  I suppose it helps that I am getting things “fixed” either through the Chiropractor or through other means.  My thyroid is now working better, my body is aligned and with most of the detox complete, I am feeling much better. My lungs, abs and upper body all seem ready for the long runs.  Maybe it just takes time to get everything working together.

All that is probably true     – but the master designer plays the biggest role in how things work together.  I am thankful that He has put all the pieces together.