Hey – now that I have your attention!

It has been almost 3 weeks since I found out that I couldn’t eat wheat.  At that point I had to make some decisions on how to detox.  I decided to use the slower and longer method that would take several weeks rather than the quick method of  7-10 days.  The quick method would cause me to lose about 7-10 pounds.  This would probably cause more harm long term due to the training I am currently doing for the Minneapolis Marathon.  The slower process will probably serve me better over the long term.

Since stopping the intake of wheat, I have seen some dramatic improvements – mainly the decrease in headaches, the bloating and some other gastric issues that have been problematic are subsiding, overall I am feeling better and I am running faster!  The down side is that because I am taking longer to detox, my body is continually battling toxins, i.e. wheat and  it is always tired.  I am also picking up distance with my running.  All this combined sometimes makes for difficult days.  A tired mom  can lead to less patience, a shorter fuse and being just exhausted at the end of the day.  But there is progress and I think that I am almost through the detox process.  It takes a lot longer than one anticipates!

It has been amazing to see how much difference it has made in my running – I am consistently hitting 9 minute miles on my long runs and 8-9 minute miles on the shorter runs.  All this means that if I can continue with my training and do some more training runs with a race coach – I might be close to a qualifying time for Boston!  That is enough motivation to keep my body clean and work hard on the training!