Due to the nature of Giovanna’s physical challenges, we go to the doctor every 6 months.  Today was the day that we went to the Shrine Hospital for her check up.  Over all things are going well.  It was actually an interesting visit since Dr. G. was not actually t here.  We met with his Assistant and given some of the things that we are dealing with, it was nice to have  a female to talk with.

Giovanna stopped wearing her inserts sometime this fall.  I couldn’t determine the exact reason and it was one battle that I was not willing to fight at the time.  However to keep her feet in the correct position and avoid having to do another surgery, she really does need to be wearing them.  During the course of the visit today, the real reason came out – the inserts were too hard and made her feet hurt.  She now has flexible inserts that are covered and cushioned.  Who knew there was such a thing!  She is a happy camper and is happily breaking in her new inserts.  The other thing that came out of this was that she likes wearing boots because they make her feel like she has more support around her ankle.  So when we purchase new shoes – I will need to look for high tops!

Overall she has gained weight and grown an inch!  I knew she had gotten taller since all of her clothes have gotten shorter!  Her walking will continue to improve, especially since her new inserts help get her heel in better position which leads to no more hyper extension of the knee.  Overall a good report!

However we did spend some time talking about her learning delays, the frustration I have with standardized testing and the accuracy of those results.  I do know that she is still behind academically and I have not been able to figure out how she learns so that I can teach to her learning style.  The next step is to schedule a neuro psychology test.  This will test how she processes information which hopefully will give me some clues to how she processes information so that I can teach her more effectively.

Thanks for praying for this little spit fire.  She has come a long way in the 8 years since she joined our family.  We are now praying that she will come into a saving relationship with Jesus – which is more important than physical growth and development or academics.