Game number 2 for the South Metro Huskies was scheduled for 9 PM but several of the games took longer due to overtime play (the Huskies first game was one of those).  This meant that the games that followed were later in starting and by the time we got back to the gym for the 9 o’clock game, there were 30-40 minutes behind.  My mom wasn’t so sure about the decision to stay – she was wanting to get home, but my dad was really enjoying himself!

The second game was against one of the strong teams (we remembered them from last year).  The Huskies started off well, but just couldn’t keep up.  They came within striking distance a few times, but could never overtake them.  There was some scoring difficulties and my mild-mannered husband almost got himself in trouble with the refs trying to get the 2 points on the board which were not given to the team.  After some delay and lots of recounting, the points were added.  While I am taking my youngest out for a drink I hear, “Way to go Gary, way to go”, which is how I found out that the scoring error was corrected!

The team played well, but just couldn’t keep up with a team that could score from almost anywhere on the court and in the end they lost by 12 points.  The next game is at 1 PM tomorrow.  Garrett says that he thinks that they can get 5th place overall – we will see how they play tomorrow.

But on the positive side – the team has two invitations for tournaments for the next season!