Today marked the start of the Regional Home school basketball Tournament in Omaha.  There were a lot of teams signed up for the tournament.  So many teams that in order to make it to the bracketed games, there were teams that had to play to get onto the brackets – these will determine the championship games eventually.  The South Metro Huskies had to play into the brackets.

Their first game was one of those games that gives the fans either an adrenaline rush or heart attack at how often the ball bounces out of the net!  The Huskies were playing so well in the first half – up by 15 points.  But something changed during the second half and they were just barely able to stay ahead.  At the very end of the game, the other team shot a basket and tied the game.  Into overtime we went.

Everyone looked at me and said, “you are so calm!”  If they only knew how fast my heart was racing.

Three minutes up on the clock for overtime.  It as a do or die situation.  Winning took them into the bracketed games and a chance to play towards the top spots.  Losing meant playing two more games and they would be done.  The other team scored first.  Not a good sign, I thought.  But then the team’s heart and soul came out and they won by 5 or 6 points.

It was a great game!  Not only because they won, but because my parents were able to come to the game and watch Garrett play.  It was so exciting that my parents stayed for the second game which was scheduled for 9 PM but didn’t start until much later!  My dad was almost convinced to  spend the night and watch the games tomorrow, but mom talked him out of that idea!  Garrett was so excited that his grandparents were here to see him play.  He made some good shots and scored some points.  All in all – it was a good day.