Today’s run was so much different from the past few weeks in the following ways –

As soon as I stepped out the front door, I felt the intensity of the sun.  It warmed me instantly and I felt like the warm up was optional today!

As I was looking at the trails, there was nothing but CLEAR BLACK for at least a half a mile.  My stride lengthened and Strengthened as I ran – I was able to reach my running stride and it felt very good!

There were a few places where the ice was thick and slippery.  I have a new appreciation for the runner’s shuffle on ice!  But these places were fewer and shorter!

Black ice is more of an issue now but since I have been running for a few years, I generally know where to look and be careful!  Only one place caught me off guard today – but no nasty falls!  Actually no falls at all!

No puddles to jump over or run through!  There is nothing worse than running in wet soggy socks – at least from my perspective!  Plus only one layer of running clothes for this  40 degree day!  Soon I will be back in shorts and a t-shirt for running!

During the run I felt strong and my stride was good!  I can now see hill training in the near term future and I love hill training!  I can hardly wait for the “real” training to begin!

However I am reminded by a fellow runner how dangerous it still is.  I received this just minutes ago –

I was just reminded how fragile life is… a fellow runner was hit and killed by a transport truck while out for a run on a bright sunny afternoon in Thunder Bay, Ontario yesterday. Be extra careful out there, runners!

Please pray for this runner’s family and for safety as Caleb and I train for the Minneapolis Marathon – it is still far from a runner friendly environment.