Spring Marathon Training is in full swing and since I want to really work on getting my times down, I thought I would try a group training run.  My son was also interested in doing the group training run!  So very early this morning, we drive to St. Louis Park and meet about 100 people at Life Time Fitness.  It was fun to see how many people are training for spring  marathons.  There were some that are planning on doing the Boston.

One thing that I have struggled with in the past is keeping my  time consistent over the long haul.  Those long runs of 15+ miles can be killers to do on your own.  Since I really want to finish with a Boston Qualifying time or one close, I really need to get those times consistent and under 10 minutes/mile.  With the current weather and trail conditions in Minnesota, it takes all my energy to stay upright during a run – no speed these days.

So the training run today was 10 miles and I connected with the group that is training for a 4:15 finish time.  Today’s run was targeting 10:30 miles.  My group averaged 10:25!  The nice thing with a group run is that each group has a “training coach” – someone who will keep you on the pace for the entire run.  They continually ask how you are doing.  It really does make for a good run and it helps me to stay focused.  Since there was a training coach/pacer, I didn’t have to worry about the time or the route!

I have to admit that the pace for today’s run was easy and comfortable.  I was tired, but not exhausted.  Caleb ran 9 miles and was in good shape at the end – although he did have to wait for me to finish my run!  I need to run a 4 hour 5 minute marathon to qualify for Boston.  I will have to see how the training goes, but if I remain injury free and continue the group training runs – it just might be possible!