Since my dad’s diagnosis of Multi System Atrophy this past summer, I have tried to be more active in helping with his care.  In the fall I was able to go about every 4 weeks.  This worked through Thanksgiving and then winter storms have prevented me from getting there since then.  But Garrett has a Basketball Tournament next week in Omaha – which means that I can spend some time with my parents.  I am not sure of all the details, but would like to get my dad to one of Garrett’s games.  We did this last year and it was a special time for my dad.

These trips are never easy for me.  Each time I leave to come back to Minnesota, I say good-bye to my dad, never knowing if it will be the last time I see him alive.  He has maintained a new level of normal, but he is still in a fragile state.  He is beginning to experience more pain when moving which translates to he does not move as much as he should.  This is not a good thing because moving is what helps to keep him limber – at least as limber as he can be given his diagnosis.  I am not sure what I will see this time, but he continues to decline.

The plan is to leave on Wed. and return either Saturday or Sunday.  Pray that God will give me some sweet times with my dad and an opportunity to ask some questions to determine where he is spiritually.  As long as there is life and breath, God can continue to draw him into the Kingdom!