Chinese New Year has become one of the holidays that we look forward to each year.  Officially it is referred to as Lunar New Year, Spring Festival or Chinese New Year.  It is based on the Chinese Lunisolar calendar.  It is not a set date, but based on the cycle of the new moon.  This year  the Chinese New Year celebration started on 14 February.

Did you catch that  – Lunar New celebration started on 14 February.  The chinese celebrate the new year for 15 days!  Chinese New Year is the longest and most important holiday in China.  Each year is the year of something, based on the Chinese Zodiac.  This year 2010 or 4708 is the year of the tiger!

Each year as we pull out our decorations for Chinese New Year, Giovanna has a huge smile and beams from ear to ear!  She loves this time of the year and refers to this holiday as “Her holiday”!  We have a few friends over (some years as many as 50) and have a traditional Chinese meal.  This year due to the business of the year – it is basketball season and it has been very busy, we are having a small gathering (less than 15 people) over.   We are starting to prepare the food.  The kids love to roll the egg rolls and wontons!  This year I am having a Chinese and a Thai dish for the main course.

Pictures will be posted later.  Now it is off to make Wontons!