Today was my long run day.  I ran my “normal” six-mile route since that was the scheduled distance for today.  However my run was anything but “normal”.  This winter has been challenging all winter as we have more snow that we have had in several years!  And the temps have given me March like conditions with daytime thaw and night-time freeze = lots of slippery ice!

Today the run took longer than normal as there were several places where I had to walk through as there was absolutely no way I could run without falling.  I tried falling once and decided that it is over rated so I try to stay on my feet!  The trail was sloppy wet, submerged under water, sheer sheet of ice, sloppy mush on top of ice and dry ground!  I added at least 10 minutes to my run due to having to walk through the sheer icy spots.

The most disappointing part of the whole run – the last mile which has a hill that I love to run at the end of my runs.  The hill was a pure sheet of ice  which meant no running up this hill!  This hill is about a 1% grade  which is mild considering some of the hills I train on are 7% grade.  Hills really help with endurance and develop the lungs.

All in all, not a bad run.  I am coming into this race season with some decent conditioning.  Marathon is 15 weeks away.  Can’t wait to start real training on the hills!  Spring thaw can’t come soon enough!