Ever have one of those days when one thing sets the tone for the whole day.  I had one of those days this week.  It started with piano lessons.  We have a strange schedule with lessons  – every other week lessons are at 8 AM.  This was the week for the 8 AM lesson.  The piano teacher forgot so when we showed up, there was no smiling face to greet us and no answer when I called.  So as we were walking back to the car, she called me and apologized for forgetting.  We rescheduled for another day and went on with the day.

Next up was getting Garrett to Normandale for his PSEO class.  When I picked him up, I started to head south on 35W and Garrett said, “Mom, don’t we have to go north.”   I am thinking he has forgotten how to get home and I am never letting him drive by himself when I ask, “Why would we want to go north to get home?”

“Mom, I have my art history class.”  I had totally forgot his second class.  THankfully I was able to get turned around since during the course of our conversation, I missed the ramp for 35 N.  Garrett makes his class and I have to figure out what to do – I was’t thinking about having an hour to do work.  I end up driving back home, getting my list and shopping bags to make a run to Trader Joe’s, drive back to pick up Garrett and tell him we are going to stop at Trader Joe’s.  He is excited because he gets all of his snack food from there!  However in our discussion about art history and architecture and his photo project, I miss the turn and didn’t even realize it until I am at least 2 exits past Trader Joe’s.  Home we go.

I still needed to get supper done prior to Garrett leaving for his basket ball game – which didn’t happen so he is raiding the refrigerator to get some food before he goes.

It was a day and I hope that tomorrow goes better.  Missed exits, forgetfulness were a big part of the day and made for some interesting discussions with the kids and lots of laughter since I don’t generally have so many mishaps in one day!