With a house full of 5 children, I long for quiet times.  TIme when I can be alone and commune with God.  But those times are not always “quiet”!  I tend to sing, talk out loud to God and at times cry as I pour out my heart to Him.  I have begun to think that “quiet time” is really not a good name for this time that I spend with God.  Then I ran across this great article written by David  Powlison.  In this article, he states that “95% of the Psalms portray or invite audible words directed to God.  You ‘hear’ what is written, because so much of it is out loud!”

Now I have a Biblical reference point to why my “quiet times” are not so quiet.  I look forward more to these times when I can go into my “closet” and “talk” out loud to the  Lord.  He is not looking for ritual, but for hearts, my heart, poured out to Him!