Welcome Banner

This is the banner that I will be using at the 4 summer conferences that fall under the umbrella of CLUB 4th.

So what is club 4th?

CLUB 4th is an organization developed around the unique needs of Third Culture kids (TCK’s) with the desire and purpose to help them connect with and grow in their understand and practical living of the 4th culture (God’s kingdom Culture). CLUB 4th is using the unique environment of Spiritual Life Conferences to provide solid biblical teaching, worship, games , activities and crafts for the kids in a safe, loving and child friendly place while their parents are  have the oportunity to connect with others in their region and to get spiritual input of their own.

A longer and more detailed explanation of the name and logo;

Club is what like-minded people are drawn to and into.  It is where they can be themselves.  It is where they are understood and where they don’t need to explain.

And a club can help all to attain higher things.

Club 4th is a bringing together of like-kids from the 4 corners of the world.  Thus Club, in logo application, is  C   L   U   B.  Each, individually, is not a club.  It is only when they come together that they are.

4th has to do with culture.  They are typically children, teenagers, that are described as 3rd culture kids – kids that are not of either their parent’s culture(s) or of the culture they live in.  Club 4th’s purpose is to help kids and teenagers find, grow in, and thrive in their identity with a 4th culture – Christ’s kingdom culture.

Central to this is the cross.  It is foundational.  It is found in the 4.

To thrive, one must have a thriving vertical relationship with Christ, with God.  Thus the bold vertical element.  One also needs to develop healthy relationships with others – both with other club members and also with others in general.   TH is in oTHers.

The dot –  the world.  It may seem big to us, but it is just a dot to God and to what his kingdom is like.  And his kingdom is over and far above the 1st 3 cultures.

And all our efforts and planning is naught if God does not touch it. Thus the pen, the art brush of God reaching down and creating as he so decides to create, completing the “4” – maybe not as we would, but as he chooses – just as every child is created as he so created him or her and has a unique plan and purpose for.

A brief history

I have done these types of conferences over the past 2 years.  After hearing from families who live and work overseas as well as some good friends, there is a definite need for this type of service, I was encouraged to start an organization to meet this special need.  The goal of putting these conferences under this organization will be to train up a team of people with a heart to serve Third Culture Kids and there families and go on more than one trip.

So as I recruit, I am really praying that God will ignite a passion in the hearts of others to serve longer term with this organization.

This summer will be the inaugural year for CLUB 4th and we will be serving at four conferences. At most of the conferences, we will have kids ranging in age from infants through High School.

During these conferences, each day has a rhythm to it.  We start off  the day with all the kids together for worship.  What a joy to hear kids of all ages singing praises to the Lord.  Then we break the kids up into age appropriate groups for teaching, crafts and small group discussion time.  We include a snack and end the day with some large group games.  It is always fun to see the older kids helping out the younger ones during this time.  We also try to bring crafts that they might not have access to in their country.  They love this time as well as interaction with other children.

CLUB 4th Needs:

With any new organization, there are needs.  We take EVERYTHING with us when we travel to a conference sight.  This means that with 4 teams going out this summer, we will need to pull together some supplies.  Things like – pencils, scissors, duplos, books, games, etc.  if you are interested in helping with this email me (ayers@usfamily.net) to get a complete list of supplies.