When my PC crashed on 30 November, I could not imagine how long 4 + weeks without a working computer could be.  There were many twists and turns along the way, but as of last night, I now have a new computer!  I did switch from a PC to a Mac.  Many years ago when I first started working on computers, I used a Mac, so it feels good to be back on one!

Some lessons that I learned along the way –

*Always back up your data.  I had some things backed up on CD’s but not all of my files were backed up.  Once the PC started acting up, Gary tried to back up the hard drive, but we ended up having the Geek Squad do it and it is a mess!  Beginning Monday, I will be learning how to transfer those files – and I hope it is easy!

*It is amazing how much of my life was really on the computer.  I had all of my school stuff on the PC and could not access any of my files for 4 weeks.  Needless to say, I am very behind and with school starting next week – I will need to spend a lot of time catching up!  But because I was not on the computer, we did a lot of holiday baking and I was much more relaxed!  This was one of the best Christmas seasons in a very long time.  Now I remember why we used to always do as little school as possible between Thanksgiving and New Year’s!

*I have really grown in patience.  I didn’t start to get a bit frustrated until right before Christmas.  It had been almost 4 weeks and I knew I was getting really short on time to prep for second semester.  I was trying not to put pressure on Gary, but there were several times I inferred, somewhat strongly, that it might be easier and faster to buy a new computer – after all my PC was 5 years old and technology has changed a lot in that time!

*I really did not think I would get a new computer.  I really thought that I would be getting onto Craig’s list to look for a used one.  This in and of itself was overwhelming since I have never been on Craig’s list.  But because time was short and we could get zero percent financing on a new one + discounts because I am a teacher – we went with a new one!

*The young man at the Mac store was really good.  It took time to explain everything to me and even though most of it went over my head, I appreciated his patience.  I have learned that when it comes to technical things, my best strategy is to take Garrett with me.  He was impressed with how I handled all the information, knowing that most would go right over my head.

God has indeed blessed me with a great computer with a lot of capabilities.  Now to have the patience to learn how to harness those capabilities.  I am very impressed with the service and classes offered to help ensure that one really knows how to use all the tools!

One thing that has suffered in these 4 weeks of no computer is my writing.  Since I did most of my writing on my PC, when it crashed I temporarily lost all of my journal.  It took some time to get things set up to journal again.  In some ways I feel like I “lost” 4 weeks of my life!  Since I had not made a hard copy (which will be corrected shortly), it has been hard to continue on.  But having lived through this computer failing thing once, I now know that I need to have contingency plans in place for times such as this.

All in all, it was a good time to learn a lot about myself and how to be prepared for the future.

Now on to getting settled in with my Mac and Lord willing all my files transferred soon!