For most families the days right after Christmas can be a bit hard, but not at the Ayers House.  There is still much activity here.  The older kids, especially had a good time with the gift giving this year.  The younger kids also had a good time giving gifts to the extent of their ability.  Most of the gifts were very practical  – Giovanna got new clothes since she has grown a foot since last year.  She has had fun giving us a fashion show which continues as she is learning how to combine pieces to make different outfits.   Can’t wait for my computer to get back from the Geek Squad so I can post pictures.  She has the biggest smile on her face as she continues to put new outfits together!

Movies and Music were big on everyone’s list.  We have a few new movies to watch.  Comedies like Alvin and the Chipmunks (Geoff’s request) and Night at the Museum II (very funny) to the more serious, Sense and Sensibility.  It was so fun to have the whole family gathered together curled up with blankets to watch a movie last night.  Even Garrett made the comment, “Take a look around, it is not often we are ALL together to watch a movie!”  Music is always popular and the Christmas CD’s will be playing until 06 January!  My Trans Siberian Orchestra collection is almost complete!  I got two of their CD’s including their new one, Night Castle, for Christmas!  They are such great story tellers to and see and hear how their songs are so interwoven to the stories that they are telling – absolutely amazing.  Night Castle’s story is set in the Vietnam era and is absolutely amazing!

We will also be playing games as Giovanna got two new ones – UNO tippo and Candy Land.  She was so excited and we have been playing them a lot.  At least now we have some new games and the older kids seem to love the new UNO game!  Giovanna is some what amazing in her ability to use strategy during the game!  She is blossoming into a master player!

There is more food in this house, especially sweets, than we generally have and I will really need to be out running to get the weight off gained from all the fudge that has been consumed over the past month!  I was experimenting with some new recipes, so we had more than the normal amount of fudge around this year!  Glad I have already registered for a race on New year’s Day – although it will be a pretty cold run!

All in all it was a nice quiet, well at least as quiet as it can get with 5 kids + a dog, Christmas!

Geoff has not felt good for some time and Christmas day he was almost without his voice and curled up with a blanket!  This is not typical behavior,  so the day after Christmas, we decided it would be best to take him into the clinic.  We wanted to make sure that he didn’t have Strep or walking pneumonia.  Thankfully he tested negative for both and was started on an antibiotic.  He is doing much better and has even been out to play in the snow!  However pneumonia is still a possibility and so we are praying that he will not get it.

I won’t be traveling to Nebraska this week due to the storms that we had and that are predicted for Nebraska this week.  Mom and Dad said that as of Sunday, many of the main roads were still closed because they (not exactly sure who the they refers to) didn’t want people traveling.  My dad is lonely and would like to have some company, but also does not want anything to happen to me while en route to and from his house.  So while I would like to go down and be with them, at this point I am planning to stay put.  Knowing that I would not be driving to Nebraska made my Christmas day much more enjoyable and relaxing.

We have been enjoying time with friends during these days off and I will be doing some deep cleaning before we start school next week.  I am praying that my computer comes back quickly as I am very far behind in school related things and it is getting harder to get on a computer these days!

Hope you all had a great Christmas celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior!  Happy New Year – a bit early, but I most likely won’t be updating before New year’s Day!