I had a really strange experience yesterday and 19 + hours later, I am still trying to process this event.  Here are the details;

I had an appointment in St. Louis Park, a standing appointment and I as I drove into the parking lot, I noticed a gentleman on the steps talking on the phone.  I parked and walked towards the stairs.  I never looked at this man, nor did I say anything to him, but as I turned to go up the stairs, he slowed his talking down and turned his head to follow me up the stairs.  He gave me a stare that I could feel and once I reached the door, I glanced with the corner of my eye and could see that he had turned his whole body and was watching me pretty intensely.  I really didn’t give it much of a second thought at the time.

Then as I was leaving the office, I came out the door, turned to my right and at the end of the short hall was this same man, with the phone at his ear, but not talking.  He was by the window that overlooked the parking lot and right by the door to the stairwell.  He was standing in such a way so that he could see both the parking lot and the hallway.  It gave the impression that he was on the “lookout”.  Now I was a bit nervous, but was thankful that I had my keys hooked onto the belt loop of my jeans and casually reached down and unhooked them and checked to make sure my phone was easily accessible.  Once I went through the stairwell door, I listened intently to make sure it did not open again.  When I hit the outside door, I tried to not look continually over my shoulder and get to the car as quickly as I could.  However I really didn’t fell safe in my Big Rig until I was out of the parking lot.

I was still shaking a bit when I stopped at a friend’s house on the way home.  I hope it wasn’t too noticeable.  I have never had an experience that made me feel so uneasy and when I told Gary about it, he said it was very strange indeed .  I was able to talk with Courtney to see how she would have handled the situation and gave her some options.  So God did use it for some good, but I am still having some lingering feelings that I am not sure what to do with them.  Pray that God will replace these lingering feelings with feelings of peace that comes from Him.