Returning from Thanksgiving, I got a surprise when my computer began acting up.  Sunday night it seemed fine, but on Monday it was not always booting up on the first try.  Then it stopped booting up all together.  When Gary heard about the troubles, he immediately went out to purchase an external hard drive to back up all of my data.  After a couple nights of trying, my computer went into the Geek Squad.

Even they were having some troubles determining what the issue was and I was just beginning to think about looking for a new computer when we heard that it was the mother board on mine that was most likely shot.  Due to the age of my computer (it is 5 years old), they did not recommend fixing it.

A friend who knew I was looking for a mac had an interesting proposition – he had found a mac that had a program he wanted but was being sold with the computer which he didn’t need.  So the offer for me to consider was to purchase the set with him and then he would take the program and I would take the computer.  Sounded like a great deal – but since it was on Craig’s list, it sold before we had a chance to look into it.

I was sent a link to the listing of macs for sale on Craig’s list (I have never been on Craig’s list) and my son started going through the listing.  He had knew what I was looking for and found a couple that were of interest.  As I looked at this list, I began to realize that there wasn’t much extra money to purchase a computer.  I prayed that God would either provide the money for a new  or new to me computer or just give me a new computer.

Shortly after I received the link to Craig’s list, like the morning after, I received a call from  another friend.  He had a PC that I could have/use.  He thought that he and a friend could just move the hard drive from my computer to his and it should work.  Well nothing is ever as easy as it seems and the plan changed.  The mother board was installed into my computer which already had two hard drives – the operating system was installed on the smaller of the two and the files were still on the larger one.  However the two hard drives are not “talking” to each other.  Gary has been working on some of the issues, but so far I still do not have a working computer.  This means that school has virtually stopped since all of my school stuff in on my hard drive.

Now the keyboard is not working, the data on my computer still cannot be seen and I am just starting to get frustrated.    Three weeks is a long time to be without it.  While I can still access internet on other computers, sending emails is rather challenging as all my addresses are – you guessed it – on my hard drive.  I can’t send applications to individuals for upcoming trips, etc.

Life has slowed down drastically, which in some ways has been really good.  I have done more Christmas baking this year than any other year.  The house has more decorations and I finally finished Giovanna’s Christmas Stocking (it only took 7 years).

I am not sure what God’s plan is for getting my computer running or not, but at least I am trying to enjoy this time without it.  I know that once it is up and going again, I will need to catch up on a lot of things.

Oh the joys of living in a technological world!