Some of the simple things in life bring the most pleasure and truly warm my heart. It is so nice to hear from friends, “We just want to hang out with you so when would bring a good time and we will bring the dinner.” This is really amazing as it is not easy to cook for my family with some of the food issues that we have. So to have someone willing to cook a meal that all in my family can eat, just so that they can spend time with us is a true blessing.

However it is even nicer when they call and say, “we are trying to build our Barnabas team, so when we bring a meal, can we invite a few people as well?”

Needless to say, it is so much fun to see friends make themselves at home in my kitchen and have the house filled with laughter and fun as we get to know others and become part of a larger sending team.

This warms my heart greatly!