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Some traditions last for a long time and are passed down through the generations.  Some last for just a short time.  Some as in the tradition of our church during Advent, last until the youngest child completes the task.  Today  marks the end of one such chapter in our family.

Our Church has a tradition during Advent of the fourth graders lighting the Advent candle each week.  All of my children have participated in this wonderful tradition.  Giovanna is in the 4th grade this year and when we received the letter asking for children to volunteer for this year, Giovanna responded with, “I not do!”  She said this very forcefully and really did not want to participate.  But the older children all began to tell about their experiences lighting the Advent candle.  It was so good to hear that they all had a wonderful experience and enjoyed it.  The older three got to actually light a real candle at the downtown campus.  Geoffrey was the first from our family to light the candle at the South campus where we now attend.  Giovanna listened politely to their stories, but was not fully convinced.  I signed her up and told her I would make her a new dress.  Now that got her attention and we waited to see when she would be on the schedule.  When the schedule came, she was on the list twice!

Today was her first time to light the candle.  She was nervous, but did a great job.  Her biggest concern was that she would not be able to hold the candle and walk all the way across the stage.  However, she did and when she came off the stage, she had the biggest smile on her face.  What a joy to see her complete this act of worship successfully.

These pictures were taken during the practice session before church and she is wearing the new dress!  Her friend Nate was also lighting during one of the services.

Giovanna practices!

Giovanna is hiding behind her friend as he practices!