family tree

This is  our family tree.  I have been decorating this same Christmas tree since I was about 10 years old.  I think I could decorate it in my sleep.  When I was a child, my mother was very particular about the lights on the tree and I was the only one who could get them on the tree the way    she liked them.  To this day, I am still very particular about the lights on the tree.

This year however, the tree is having some issues.  The tree stand is broken and to get the tree to stand up, we had to improvise.  Most of the lights did not work and thus began the hunt for red and white lights for the tree.  We have always had red and white lights on the tree to represent the blood shed for us at Calvary and the purity of Christ as the perfect sacrifice.   So with all the lights going out at one time, it is rather difficult to find the “perfect” lights again.  The ones we alternated red and white on the strand.  Have not found any similar ones this year which means alternating red and white strands, but our Target was sold out of the red ones.  I was able to find some red lights at Target in Downtown Minneapolis!

Our tree is also shedding needles.  I think that there are about as many needles on the floor as there are on the tree.  And the Lord only knows how many needles were in the box!  If we make it through this Christmas with the tree still standing with needles on it, it will be rather amazing!

While the tree is not the center of what Christmas is all about, it does make the holiday much more festive.  The thought of having a Christmas without a tree and lights was a bit discouraging.  But God was gracious and brought all the pieces together and the tree is now decorated.

However we have also added a new tree to our family this year.  A good friend heard about all of our tree troubles and brought us a new tree.  It is sitting on the kitchen table and I smile every time I look at it.  I love this little tree and the friendship that we have with the person who took the time to help with the Ayers tree dilemma this year

Our New Tree

I am really looking forward to Christmas this year.  Praying that you all have a very Merry and Christ Exalting Christmas.