The Birthday Boys

The Birthday Boys

December 2nd is a big day – Caleb turns 15 and Geoffrey turns 11.  Yes they both were born on the same day – 4 years apart.  From the beginning, Caleb was insistent that his baby brother/sister (we were told that the baby was a girl)  would be born on his birthday – just like Courtney and Garrett in June.  I never thought we would be having 2 sets of siblings sharing birthdays – guess God had His own idea.

Caleb is  beginning to leave his boyhood behind and grow into a young man.  He is taking piano lessons again and totally loving it.  He continued to practice on his own and made a lot of progress, but now with guidance, he is really doing quite well.  He loves school and is begging to take driver’s ed.

Geoffrey is 11 and full of life and energy.  He is playing violin and beginning to make some good progress.  He loves to read books and I have trouble keeping enough books on the shelf for him.  He has talked about studying history and becoming a Professor.  I can totally see him as a professor – he would make his classes very fun and interesting.

This has been a good year for both of them in terms of growth and maturity.  It has been fun to watch them grow physically, but more importantly to see them grow spiritually.  Caleb has a deep passion for spiritual things and has been taking on some leadership and serving responsibilities at church.  Geoffrey is beginning to take his walk with the Lord more seriously and the knowledge is moving from head to heart.

Happy Birthday to my sons – I love you.