My dad doesn’t seem to understand that when he was told he didn’t have Parkinson’s disease, that he would still have some health issues. He seems to have ignored the fact that he was given a diagnosis and that this particular diagnosis doesn’t give one much hope outside of God. I continually hear things like, “I want to get over this.” Or, “I don’t understand why my body won’t do what I tell it to.” And lastly, “I can’t seem to get any stronger.”

The bottom line is that my dad is still looking for some magic pill that will cause all the symptoms to disappear and his life will be the way it was 4 years ago when all his health problems/issues started.

And his health continues to decline.  There have been significant changes since his birthday last month.  His gate is slower and he is much less steady on his feet.  He is more stooped and eating continues to be a challenge.  At every meal, his swallowing was an issue and he coughs up about as much as he gets down.  Taking his vitamins is a significant challenge.

He is still alert mentally, for the most part.  He is a bit disoriented when he first wakes up.  The brain is an amazing thing.  On Wednesday, dad took a morning nap, mom was out for a bit and Gary was coming that day.  When he woke up, he remembered that mom was gone and called for Gary – Somewhat significant as he was able to piece some things together.

And yet, he continues to decline physically.  It is difficult to watch it as a daughter.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for my dad to watch his body deteriorate and not be able to do anything about it.

On Sunday night, my dad fell while in the bathroom washing his hands.  He doesn’t really know what happened and mom didn’t see it.  He did not hit his head and it does not seem that he broke any bones.  However mom is watching him for the next few days – fractures sometimes take some time to show up.  Mom had to call the neighbor to help get him up off the floor.  This fall brings many questions to mind and in talking with my brother we need to think proactively and get some things in place.

God is causing all these things to work together for good and for His Glory.  It is not easy to see  or understand at times, but it give great hope to those who believe.