Last night was the first of what I hope will be many late night conversations with my oldest daughter.  She was very wound up from the events of the day/night.  We talked about parenting and what she would do differently when she becomes a parent.  Her only regret from her childhood – we didn’t let her watch enough movies!

This late night talk reminded me of other talks with other young women that I have had in the past.  We have talked about many topics and laughed a lot.  These have been so fun and such a blessing to be used by God as women have tackled issues relating to relationships, conflicts with co-workers/room mates and life issues.  It also made me realize that there has been a shift in my relationship with my oldest.  She is no longer in training mode – she is living life and we are becoming good friends that can discuss almost any topic.

This is a good phase of life to be in with her.  I look forward to many more late night conversations and laughter!