I have been reminded in the past few weeks that Christmas is on the way.  How you ask?  Well it is not because there is Christmas music playing in the stores or that almost every store has their holiday decorations out.  No it is because I receive emails from my kids with subject lines like, “Christmas is coming,” or get questions from my kids like, “Mom, what do you want for Christmas?”  And sometimes my kids are bold enough to drop hints like, “Mom, this would be a great Christmas gift!” or “Mom the only thing I want for Christmas is_____”.

We really like Christmas here and my kids really do understand that Christmas is not about the gifts we get or receive, but they love to give gifts to others.  Courtney has already made her list of those she wants to give fudge to – guess I will be making lots of fudge this year!  It is fun to watch my kids grow in their understanding of the meaning of Christmas and in their gift giving.

We do have some very funny gift giving stories – like the year that Geoffrey did all of his Christmas shopping from his bed.  He had stashed many treasures under his mattress and blankets and when it came time to “shop” for Christmas, he knew exactly where to go to find the best gifts!  It is a great Christmas memory of mine.

So come December 1st we will put up the Christmas tree and celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior all month and into January – yes we are one of those families that leaves the tree up until Three Kings day – which also happens to be the same day as my birthday!

Hope you all have a blessed Christmas season!