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For all of you who sent birthday greetings to my dad – this came in the mail for you today;

From my dad to all of you!

From my dad to all of you. . .














The inside of the card reads:

It’s easy to say thank you,
But it’s harder to convey
The deep
And heartfelt gratitude
I really feel today –
But maybe,
Having said this much,
By now I’ve let you know
Your thoughtfulness
Means more to me
Than words will ever show
And the hand written note;

“Thank you all for the cards, gifts you sent along with Corrie for Birthday and Anniversary.  Enjoyed every card and gift.   It made my day and I was surprized but enjoyed it.  Thanks everyone for them.
God Bless all of you.”
Thanks again

Henry and Genevieve Kumpost

Thank you for the kindness you showed to my parents through your words and gifts.  Both of my parents were touched by them.
May God continue to work in their hearts as a result.