Some days just don’t go the way you planned them!  Today was one of those days!

I had just dropped Caleb off for his science class and was on my way to the grocery store – I had not been to the grocery store for a couple of weeks and needed a few things!  However when exiting off of the freeway and turning on to Cliff Road, the car engine stalled out on me and the man driving the pick up truck behind me saw me start to roll out and he was looking the other way – also rolling and before I knew it, he hit the car’s rear end.  It was a rather hard jolt and I knew as soon as I got out of the car, I was going to be very sore from this little incident!

Needless to say – it is now about 5 hours later and I have a very sore neck and in between the shoulders!  I have been to the doctor – mainly to make sure there wasn’t anything else going on and to see how likely it is that I will be able to race on Saturday!  It all depends on how sore I get.  The good thing is that I am fit and active, which according to the doctor will work in my favor.  However if I am sore – 10 miles is looking doubtful!