Growing up in Nebraska with an older brother, there was a bit of a competitive spirit at times.  That tradition continues into my current family – primarily with challenges coming from the kids (read boys) to their mother!  The most recent ones – “Mom, do you think you will be able to run the 5K in under 30 minutes?”  Yes I did – 28 to be exact!

“Mom, can you bench press 45 pounds and if you can how many reps can you do?”  I did bench press 45 pounds and did 5 reps – the boys were impressed and thankful that they could do more than their mother!

So when I was at my parents this past week, I issued a challenge to my dad.  He is currently walking 5 laps in the addition.  I told him if he could do 10 when I return in 4 weeks (thanksgiving), that I would take him out to any restaurant he wanted to go to.  He is hoping to do 15 – Pray that he will stick to his walking routine and take up the challenge.