Giovanna and I arrived late, but safe in Nebraska last night. We made a longer than normal stop near Des Moines. I realized I had forgotten a few things as I reviewed my packing list in my head! Giovanna was also hungry – I think hungry should be her middle name! Then it started to rain, it was dark and I remembered how much I dislike driving in the rain! All in all it was a great trip as I prayed over these next few days!

Dad was fairly animated where we arrived and after a quick bowl of soup, it was off to bed. Giovanna was not all that tired since she has slept in the car, but managed to get to sleep rather quickly.

Today I gave my dad a bag full of cards and notes from people in the Twin Cities and a few other places. He was surprised to see how many cards there were. He has been quietly reading through them. He has not said much – at least not yet. He”s been through them once and is going through them a second time. I am not sure what he is thinking. He has asked only one question – “How did everyone know it was my birthday?”

Pray that God will use the notes that people have written to push him closer to God.

More later – I am needed back home to cook supper and begin working on getting mom’s freezer stocked with food again. Both of them have requests this time!