We love music in our house.  We listen to just about everything from  Coldplay, David Crowder, Taylor Swift, Bach, Beethoven, Celine Dion, Josh Groban,  Sovereign Grace, Musicals of all kinds.  The list goes on. Eclectic tastes for the Ayers family!

Currently the family’s favorite is a combination of a song by Taylor Swift, “Love Story” and “Viva la Vida” by Coldplay.   Have a listen to the originals and then the combined version – these are always going on at least one of the computers!

Taylor Swift – “Love Story”

Coldplay – “Viva la Vida” (Embedding for the original video has been disabled, so here is an alternate video – enjoy the artwork!)

and the all time family favorite – at least for now – “Love Story meets Viva la Vida”.

Absolutely amazing music! The story behind this version is also very sweet.  It was arranged by a father for his seven year old daughter who loved both songs.  It is absolutely amazing and an added bonus the musicians are having so much fun – which is what music is about!