This past weekend was the Desiring God national Conference and it was a great conference.  The topic of this conference was “With Calvin in the Theatre of God.”   It was of particular interest to me because we are studying this time period in history.  I am very excited to teach about some of the great reformers – John Huss, Calvin, Tyndall and Luther!

All the sessions at this conference were good and I would encourage you to go to the website and listen to them or watch the video.  I loved hearing the biography that Julius Kim did on Friday evening.  Dr. Kim reminded us that we are pilgrims, just like Calvin and  that like Calvin, we must become pilgrims  that are  faith-possessed  with a singular passion to know God and to make him known.

But my favorite session was Mark Talbot’s session on the Broken stage – it was a great reminder of the fact that each of us is a broken vessel and that God as the perfect father, does three things –

1) A perfect father will not be deterred by his childrens’ quest for merely apparent goods. He gives us what we need and not always what we want; 2) A perfect father is sovereign and this is the story that he has written and 3) What God has ordained will strike us as unsurpassably good, better than whatever we could ask or imagine.  This perfect heavenly father always hears the pleas of his children, and he always responds in what we shall finally know to be a gloriously merciful way, even if, and perhaps especially when it seems the Lord is not hearing or responding to our pleas.  This was a great reminder to me given the season of life that I am in with my father.

There is still much to process from this conference and I will be listening to the sessions again this week.

Physically I came home from the conference with a cold/sinus infection which I have been dealing with.  There has been a cold/crud floating through the house and I finally caught it.  I am hoping to deal with this quickly so that I am in decent shape to run the TC 10K on Saturday.