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Before leaving for Nebraska, a friend sent me the following email;

Will pray for your trip.
Bless your dad for me.

Not really knowing what was meant by that email, I replied asking for more information, but really anticipating that I would not get any response back.  So I just prayed for an opening to talk to my dad and that mom would not be around as she shuts down all conversations regarding spiritual things very quickly.  God was indeed gracious and gave me an opportunity to have the following conversation with my dad;

“Hey Dad, do you remember my friend Tom?”

“He’s the one with Parkinson’s, right?”


“How is he doing?’

“He’s doing well – work is keeping him busy.  He asked me to tell you that he is praying for you and he wanted me to bless you for him.”

As soon as he heard that sentence, he began to cry and through tears he says, “What does he pray for me?”

At this point I am thinking two things – why is my dad asking me so many questions that I can’t answer and why didn’t my friend give me more details.

I respond with, “Well he didn’t give me details, but I knowing Tom, I would expect that he would pray that you would come to know that God is real, that you would see past your what you are experiencing and  meet God and that you would get your heart right before God.”

“What if I already know that God is real?

“Then you need to get to know Him as a friend who can help you through every situation.”

“How do I do that?”

“By spending time with Him and through reading his word.”

So for those of you who have prayed for my dad over the years, know that it does mean a lot to him.  For him to know that strangers would take the time to pray for him and his needs is touching his heart in a significant way.  Pray that I would be able to follow up on this conversation.  I have the N.T. on CD which I will take down in October for his birthday.  Pray for God’s word to work in his heart – to help him to see Christ for who He is!

Thank you for praying him and for me as I minister to him in the sunset of his life.