Walks are a part of my life.  I enjoy walks, but not as much as a long run.  However there are times when a walk is more appropriate than a run.

Times like. . .

. . . when one is having an MRI.  I had an MRI a few years back and went for a “walk” through the wildflowers of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

The California Wildflowers

The California Wildflowers

I love this picture that a friend sent me – it helped me through a difficult time in my life as I faced some serious medical issues.  To have a place to “walk” when one’s head is put into a very small box, is extremely helpful.  To be reminded of the beauty of God’s creation and of His creativity made going through the MRI a much more pleasant experience.

Now when I am in Nebraska, I walk with my dad.  My dad has had troubles walking for some time due to a brain disease that makes it difficult for his brain to communicate to his body.  Walking was also made more difficult when he fell and broke his hip last November.  He is still regaining his strength and stamina – so his walks are short and indoors, most of the time.  As we walk around the addition to his house, I have to remind him to take bigger steps, keep his feet wider apart and most importantly to stay off of his tip toes.  He has worked his way up to 5 laps and is working towards 6.  This is a huge accomplishment for someone who was not able to do even one lap in early July!  When we walk, I walk beside him and “coach” him through his workout.  In the early days, I needed to use the belt to help me with stabilizing him.  Now I can walk beside him and just talk.  Sometimes I put my hand on his back – he really likes that – it gives him more confidence.  He reminds me constantly that he likes it when my hand is on his back.

My walks are slower these days, but it good to be walking beside my dad and helping him to regain his strength.