Heading to Nebraska is like heading head first into a dark alley at times.  I never know what kinds of attitudes or actions I will find upon arrival.  Mom has said that dad has sort of evened out, but today she was not doing well herself.

My goal for this trip is to stock mom’s freezer with some soups, stews and casseroles so that she won’t have to think about what to make, just heat and serve.  I think that the wear and tear of taking care of my dad 24/7 is beginning to take it’s toll on her plus when I was there in early August, her freezer was pretty bare bones – which is highly unusual for her!  Her birthday is on 07 September and she turns 83!  It will be my gift to her to stock her freezer.

Please pray that

*I will humbly serve my parents without complaining and that I would not consider any task to small or beneath me.

*I would have boldness to proclaim the gospel – through word and action

*For grace to sustain me through this next week – Nebraska Monday through Thursday; Caleb’s first cross country meet on Friday – which I am helping with; and then off to Duluth for a family vacation.

*School starts on the 8th for us and I am not feeling as prepared as I would like.  Pray that that first week of school will go well and that my first classes would be received well.

Life is never dull when you serve the God of the Universe!