My pastor has written a book by that title.

What is future grace? It is all that God promises to be for us from this second on. Saving faith means being confident and satisfied in this ever- arriving future grace. This is why saving faith is also sanctifying faith. The power of sin’s promise is broken by the power of a superior satisfaction; namely, faith in future grace. Gratitude for past grace was never meant to empower future obedience. Tomorrow’s crisis demands tomorrow’s grace. And faith that future grace will be there is the victory that overcomes the world. Future Grace contains 31 chapters – one for each day of the month – including practical chapters on how faith in future grace defeats anxiety, pride, shame, lust, despondency and more.” (taken from the Desiring God Website)

The basic premise of the book is that God has given me the grace I need for today.  Tomorrow He will give me the grace I need  for that day – today’s grace is not sufficient for tomorrow and tomorrow’s grace will come when I need it.

August is a month where much has happened with my dad.  I have recorded most of the events in my journal.  As I have read through my journal after receiving the news of my dad’s “new” diagnosis, I have seen how God has given grace needed each step of the way.

One of the most encouraging things I have read came from a friend who has Parkinson’s disease and has written about his journey.  Shortly after I received the news of dad’s “original”  and now inaccurate diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, my friend sent me something he had written titled, “The Turn . . . .and the Grace for it.”  It was written in January 2000 and I read it for the first time in August 2005 and again just a few days ago.  He captures beautifully a lot of the feelings I have had since hearing the most recent news!  It is a good reminder that God is in control.  (Here is the link to that article if you would like to read it.)

Knowing that each trip to Nebraska could be the last time I see my dad alive puts a new perspective on each trip.  As I prepare for this current trip, I am aware that my dad is continuing to decline and my mother is not doing well at this point in time.  The realities of what she will be facing are beginning to set in and she is struggling.

So as I head into this trip, while I don’t know what is ahead of me, I do know that God will provide what I need when I need it and that is enough.

This song is what I want to be like on this trip to Nebraska;