Many of you have prayed for my father over the past 5 years as his health has battled various health issues over the years.  I have visited a couple of times in the past month and things have begun to progress in a downward spiral.  He is having troubles moving – his muscles have stiffened up a great deal and he is experiencing a great deal of dizziness.

While the doctors have tried a variety of Parkinson’s medications, none seem to agree with his system and he gets very ill.  Whether they truly disagree with his system or he has determined that he does not need the medication and the symptoms are psychosomatic – I can not say.

It is just a matter of time before my mother will not be able to continue taking care of him at home.  This is a new chapter that I was not prepared for – at least not yet!

In Proverbes is says – The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. My heart had many plans and a vision of what fall would look like.  God, in His infinite goodness, has changed those plans and redirected my steps.  Fall looks much different now than it did 3 weeks ago, but after much prayer, it has been confirmed that I need to be available for my family – to go at a moment’s notice and to stay for extended periods of time.  This may mean fewer blog posts – especially when in Nebraska, but I ask you to continue to pray for my family as we walk this path with my dad.  Pray that we can help him finish his race strong and with a heart that treasures Jesus.